For more than 25 years, we in Polinika, devote our passion, skills and professionalism to creating unique hand-decorated glass items. Our articles are a result of the successful combination of incessant artistic ideas, creativity and the exceptional technique of our decorators.

Daily in our work we do our best to produce new and different designs that will make our items stand out. Our strength lies in our unique manner of combining glass with metal, frailty and force, art and science, imagination and technologies. That is why our artwork is unique.

Our flutes are crafted of mouth-blown and lead-free soda-lime glass by "best-in-class" manufacturers in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, France, Turkey, Sweden and Great Britain. The premium quality and high artistic value of our glasses has earned us a reputation both home and abroad. Our artwork is highly appreciated by customers from many countries such as United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, USA, and Mexico.


Серия "Морско злато"

Серия "Еко"

Серия "Бяло и черно"

Серия "Бяло и черно"